Alliance Against Discrimination of LGBT Peolpe!

The Alliance against discrimination of LGBT (Aleanca LGBT) is an Albanian non-governmental organization that envisions a free, open and equal Albanian society that embraces diversity and is inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.
Aleanca LGBT had been created on march 2009 by a group of young LGBT people who had been working as volunteers for three years to change the reality for LGBT people in Albania. In 2011 with the support of Civil Rights Defenders Aleanca managed to open the firs LGBT community center in Albania. From its beginning till nowadays Aleanca has preserved its grassroots character. The main areas of our work during these years have been the following:
Community Building – Community events (discussion groups, movie screenings, parties, book club, English course, woman football team, art therapy, workshops on life skills, job counseling etc), Facebook public and private group, website(
Awareness Raising – Organizing of the biggest LGBT pride event: Tirana Pride, public lectures in universities and high schools, public movie screenings, organizing of art exhibitions, cooperation with the media (TV and radio program appearances, individual interviews, publication of studies on situation of LGBT people in Health, Education, article publications, press releases), translation of relevant materials (international reports, articles on sexuality and homophobia, health issues etc), informative leaflets and poster distribution (International Day Against Homophobia, International Day Against Aids etc).
Advocacy and Lobbying – Aleanca has been part of the working group that has drafted the Law against discrimination of LGBT people which was approved in February 2010. Also Aleanca has been part of the group that drafted the first National Plan Against Discrimination of LGBT people.
Aleanca has set up a system of monitoring and documenting cases of discrimination towards LGBT community members and has used these data’s in national and international reports like CEDOW shadow report, EU progress report, American Embassy Human rights report etc.
Aleanca has been working very closely with woman organization to train them on LGBT issues so they could serve as focal points in other towns for LGBT members of community, when they need a safe place to go to or when they need psychological or legal support.
Training of different groups of professionals: LGBT issues have been a taboo for many years in Albania and still nowadays there is lack of information on LGBT issues for many groups of professionals. Aleanca main focus has been working with groups of professionals that work directly with people from the LGBT community and can bring a change in the quality of life of our people. During these years we have been training police officers, school psychologist, teachers, journalists, other human rights activists, public officials, social workers etc.
Aleanca LGBT and Pro LGBT opened in December 2014 the first Residential Center shelter (referred to as “STREHA” or “SHELTER”) for homeless LGBT youth. SHELTER has a capacity of 8 beds and offers aid and services for homeless LGBTI youth, including services to help with re-integration into their family home or transition to independent living in society.
The main services of the Shelter are:
● Accommodation for up 6 months (or up to 1 year depending on the severity of the case)
● Development of Individual Plans
● Referral to the more specialized services
● Professional Training
● Life Skills
● Career Counseling
● Medical Assistance
● Psycho-Social Support
● Individual and Group Therapy
● Employment Negotiation
● Family Negotiation