Sofia Hultin – “I’m Every Lesbian” Audio Tour

Jam cdo lezbikeDear lesbians of Tirana,

“I’m Every Lesbian” is a city walk, an audioguide and a map that tells a part of your history in Tirana. It’s based on the stories that some of you so generously have shared with me during my time here in the city. As any story about a city they are as subjective, fantastic, sad and hopeful as they are true. Also they are stories of great importance. Documented lesbian history in Tirana, that is older than five years is next to non-existing and since no-one is writing our history for us – we have to write our own. Thank you for contributing. This work is dedicated to you.

– Sofia Hultin, 4.9.2013, Tiranë


“I’m Every Lesbian” is a part of the Aleanca Unstraight Art Residency – an initiative of Aleanca Kundër Diskriminimit të LGBT and The Unstraight Museum, kindly supported by the Swedish Institute.

Download Map- Audio files

  1. Falling in love
  2. Where you lived
  3. The attack
  4. When I cut my hair
  5. The posters
  6. School
  7. Canon
  8. The Christian camp
  9. The women’s center
  10. Radio
  11. Wintergarden
  12. The anti-discrimination law
  13. Family
  14. When women love women
  15. Ex-Deputy Defense Minister Ekrem Spahiu
  16. Coming out on national television
  17. Medicom
  18. The center of Aleanca LGBT
  19. Nouvelle Vague
  20. The exhibition at Tirana Ekspres
  21. Public House
  22. Rihanna
  23. Iliria
  24. The National History Museum
  25. The Gay Ride
  26. The rainbow-colored park benches
  27. Crush homophobia
  28. The laundry room
  29. The gift
  30. Love
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